Why Elite Tutoring Academy?

Elite Tutoring Academy offers preparation for the SAT and ACT tests simultaneously. Since the revamp of the new SAT test, it has become extremely similar to the ACT, and therefore, preparing for one helps you prepare for the other.

  • We offer a small  group class that consists of 28 hours over nine sessions.  Throughout the class, students are exposed to full length actual College Board SATs and two ACTs.  This program also covers foundational topics for both  Math and English. 

  • We also offer a 60 hour group class, which includes all of the above as well as cooperative learning and in-class interactive learning.

All of our SAT/ACT Prep classes receive their own group of teachers that specialize in the SAT and ACT.  Academy teachers must have a minimum of five years’ experience teaching the SATs and ACTs in their subject matter and must be certified teachers.  During the hiring process, teachers are also required to take their portion of the SAT test and are only allowed one wrong answer in order to become a part of our team.


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Our Academy not only helps students prep for the full SAT (including essay) and ACT, but we also teach our students how to grade their own exam. Grading their exams helps the students understand that even if they perform poorly in one section, their grade can still turn out well. It also helps to give the students insight into how to conquer these tests and improve their scores.

About Our Courses

Academy classes are three hours each, with the exception of the first class during which the students are given an actual College Board SAT evaluation under the same testing conditions. The remainder of the classes are divided into two 1.5 hour sessions; one session covers mathematics/science and the other covers writing and reading comprehension. During both parts, students will learn tactics and strategies for taking the standardized test. Over the course of the class, students will take seven official, full-length tests. Each of our highly-qualified teachers specializes in the SAT and ACT, as well as in the area that they teach. We take pride in offering the best SAT and ACT instructors in Central New Jersey.

Our group classes are run with small groups of nine to ten students on average. We feel that low student-to-teacher ratio is extremely important to ensure that all of our students are receiving sufficient personal attention and learning in an environment conducive to participation and interaction. In addition, all of our materials are from the Official College Board and Official ACT as we feel it is extremely important to be learning from actual tests that have been previously administered. We also offer small group and private one-on- one prep upon request.

Course Work

The first two homework assignments consist of foundation mathematics and English that we have compiled through extensive research of the most common questions that students have faced on SATs and ACTs. It is extremely common for students to see these questions, so we have provided them on their actual tests. This is an important building block that no other facility has offered and has been put together specifically for our students from the official materials we have evaluated to determine the core material they need to learn. We also provide students with online access to videos through the program to further their learning experience.

Progress Tracking

At the Academy, students’ scores are recorded in the back of each student’s handbook so that both the instructors and parents/guardians are clearly able to track the students’ progress on a daily/weekly basis to ensure they are improving throughout the program. This helps you understand the learning and growth of the students prior to taking their test. Our teachers are also available upon request before and after class to answer any questions that students may have. They take great pride in helping to sculpt and educate young minds.

What are the SAT and ACT?

The SAT and ACT are standardized tests administered nationwide to college-bound high school students. The scores from one or both of these tests are considered as part of the college admission application. While not precisely mandatory, it’s rare to find a school that doesn’t require either of these tests. It’s even more rare to find a college student who didn’t take one of these.

Why Are These Important?

This class is recommended for college-bound juniors and seniors. Nearly all colleges in the United States use scores from the SAT, ACT or both as part of their application review process. While the SAT is more prevalent in the eastern part of the country and the ACT is more prevalent in the west, more and more colleges are reviewing BOTH scores. This program is designed to prepare students for BOTH the SAT and ACT standardized tests.

Why Elite Tutoring Academy?

We offer private, one-on-one tutoring or small group classes of 28 hrs. of instruction over 9 sessions.  Only firsthand, authentic material directly from the College Board and The Real ACT are used.

How Are Tests Scored?

Both the ACT and SAT are scored in two steps. First a raw score for each section or group of sections is calculated by adding a point for each question answered correctly. Next the raw scores are converted to a scaled score using a conversion table. The conversion tables are prepared after the tests have been scored and will vary from one test date to the next.

For the SAT, a verbal raw score is calculated by combining sections #1 & #2, and a math raw score is calculated by combining sections #3 & #4.  The scale for the converted scores ranges from 200 – 800.

For the ACT, a separate raw score is calculated for each section. The converted raw scores are on a scale of 1 – 36.

In addition to the converted-scaled scores, students receive a detailed report after taking either test that includes statistical information comparing their individual performance to their peers.

How Are The Tests Structured?


Reading 52 multiple-choice questions 65 Minutes
Writing and Language 44 multiple-choice questions 35 Minutes
Math – No Calculator 20 questions. 15 multiple-choice questions, followed by 5 student produced response questions. 25 Minutes
Math – With Calculator 38 questions. 30 multiple-choice questions, followed by 8 student produced response questions. 55 Minutes
Optional Essay Student will read a passage and respond to a writing prompt. 50 Minutes


English(Grammar) 75 multiple-choice questions 45 Minutes
Mathematics 60 multiple-choice questions 60 Minutes
Reading 40 multiple-choice questions 35 Minutes
Science Reasoning 40 multiple-choice questions 35 Minutes
Optional Essay Student will respond to a writing prompt. 30 Minutes

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